You might have seen several stories going around suggesting that Drew Brees is set to return to play for the Saints next season, but it’s best to hold off on that for now.

There’s been plenty of talk and understandably worried Saints fans who would be wondering what it means for the team, while it could also result in Jameis Winston moving on too.

Brees did restructure his deal recently to clear out some cap space and he’s not confirmed that he’s hanging them up just yet, but there hasn’t been any official word from him or the team at this point yet.

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You could see last season that a lot of the arm strength has gone but they still won most of their games, yet you worry about their ability to beat the best sides with the current system because a top level defence will shut him down fairly easily.

They do have the option to bring in Taysom Hill to mix it up but he has his own weaknesses too, so it might be the best thing for the Saints to move on and look to regenerate.

Perhaps something has been leaked and that’s the source of all the speculation, but it’s best to ignore it for now.

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