Every team has had to live with the fact that they may get unlucky with big players missing huge games due to positive Covid-19 tests, but it was the reality of trying to play through the current pandemic.

Obviously it’s safety first so the actual health of Alvin Kamara is the most important thing here, but Saints fans will be wondering what his recent Covid-19 positive test means for their play-off hopes.

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The truth is that it’s still too early to tell, but it’s probably time to prepare for the worst case scenario with Tom Pelissero confirming that his availability is now in the hands of the scheduling gods:

It’s harsh to suggest that the Saints are a one man team but they’re certainly much worse without Kamara in the side, so missing the play-offs would be the worst timing.

He would then be eligible to return for the next round of games if the Saints win but that’s no guarantee at this point, so it does put the NFL in an interesting spot.

There are suggestions that they’ve been more accommodating to some teams and it certainly helps their product if the best players are out on the field, but it does set a difficult precedent if they make special allowances here.


NFL fans, do you think the NFL should go out of their way to adjust schedules around return dates, or do teams just need to put up with it?

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