Steve McLendon

We’ve heard plenty of chatter from Tom Brady and co that he just needs time to work with his receivers, and the blowout victory over the Packers this evening suggests he might have a point.

It’s important to note that a key reason for the victory was the defensive effort, so it’s not a surprise to see that the Bucs have made a move to strengthen, especially after Vita Vea looks to be done for the season.

The New York Jets are no place to be for a veteran just now, so this looks like a great move for Steve McLendon as it takes him from a basket case to a legitimate contender:

It’s simply a swapping of late round picks over the next couple of years and the difference in position won’t even be that much if the Jets continue to tank and the Bucs do well.

He’s a solid addition for the Bucs and he should help to pug the hole left by Vea, while it gives the Jets an earlier pick which could be handy if they ever get round to actually rebuilding things.

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