Houston may be doing all they can to assure everyone that Deshaun Watson isn’t going anywhere, but you do have to question why they’re trying to find out what Carson Wentz could cost.

If you want to be especially kind you could simply put this down to a team doing their due diligence and establishing all of their options to ensure they’re covered, but it has to be a worrying one for the fans:

There doesn’t seem to be any suggestion that a straight swap would be on the cards here and it wouldn’t make sense either – Watson wants to go to a place where he can win and feel valued, but Philly look to be in the rebuilding phase just now.

Wentz also seriously struggled last year so shipping him off to Houston might not be the best idea, while it’s probably not what the Texans need for their rebuild either.

If we assume that Watson goes for three first rounders and Wentz goes for a couple then they would essentially get rid of Deshaun for a first round pick and Carson Wentz – a package that wouldn’t appease the fans if it worked out like that.

At least high draft picks have the promise of unearthing top quality rookies who could turn your franchise around, so a few of them would offer some hope to the franchise rather than one and a QB who is out of form.

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Wentz at the Colts would be a fun one to watch as it probably gives him the best chance of rebuilding his confidence and ultimately his career, but this has to be worrying news from a Texans point of view.

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