It was clear that Carson Wentz took a major step back with his performances last year, but there is still plenty of debate over whether he’s to blame or if a lack of supporting cast is causing the issues.

Realistically you have to say that both things are probably true, while there was also a feeling that the team at least had a chance to win when Jalen Hurts took over later in the season.

The Eagles need to undergo a major rebuild due to a lack of talent and some veteran players starting to decline, but it’s hard to win either way when you look at Wentz’s contract.

He would carry a dead cap hit of around $60m which would be utter madness and rightfully attract negative attention, but surely it would still be worth taking that criticism in exchange for a few draft picks rather than keeping him on the bench for a season?

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The entire situation is likely hurting his trade stock because suitors will know that the Eagles are over a barrel here, while Adam Schefter recently admitted that he thinks Wentz will be traded during the off-season.

Indianapolis is mentioned as a potential landing spot and it’s certainly a need for them after Philip Rivers retired, but he also suggests that the Eagles want two first rounders at least which is on the high side when you consider his form last year.

A top quality QB is rare so coaches will always back themselves to get the best out of someone who has shown a high level of performance in the past, but this situation still looks too uncertain to confidently predict.


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