Chicago are one of the tougher teams to watch in the NFL this season, but they do have a lot of redeeming features that suggest they could be a strong playoff contender.

The defence is fantastic and Cordarrelle Patterson is able to produce something out of nothing, but the offence is just so utterly awful and uninspiring.

They can’t really run the ball or protect the passer so it’s a slow moving machine, and it’s easy to see why Allen Robinson is getting frustrated as his talents aren’t being utilised at all.

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Chicago are still 5-5 so their season is very much alive, but they need to turn things round on offence as they go into the bye-week.

Unfortunately there are injury doubts over Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles at this point and Tyler Bray clearly isn’t the answer, but it’s hard to say that DeShone Kizer would be either…

Kizer is best known for being a key part of the Browns team that went 0-16 in the 2017 season, and his record of 11 TD’s to 22 INTs isn’t really what you’re looking for either.

If you want to be generous he could be labelled as a dual-threat QB after adding 419 rushing yards to the 2894 he amassed through the air, but it would be astonishing if he became anything more than an emergency backup at this point.

The reality is that the Chicago offence is so much more than one player away from being turned around, so another season of disappointment beckons.

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