Mitch Trubisky isn’t an awful NFL QB – He’s just never been worth that second overall pick and those that went after him just make it look like an awful decision from the Bears.

If you want to be especially generous then you could even suggest that he led the Bears to the playoffs this season, but it’s really been a case of the defence winning games and the offense doing just enough not to screw it up.

He hasn’t been helped with a lack of protection and weapons around him over the past couple of years, but it now appears to be official that the Bears will be moving on from him this off-season:

Interest from the Cowboys may ring some alarm bells as there will be a fear that he’s a potential replacement for Dak, but they’ve seen how important it is to have a good back-up so it does make sense from their point of view.

Trubisky would have a much better chance of taking the starting job in Denver as it should be a straight fight between he and Drew Lock for the job, while they also have some solid receivers and a decent O-line so it could be a good landing spot for him.

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Time will tell if he can really elevate himself from being an average starting QB to being a good one, but Denver would certainly give him a fighting chance of making it happen.

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