There’s no doubt that Kendall Hinton will end up being an answer in a tough quiz question in a few years, but it’s almost impossible to imagine how he was feeling as he took to the field last night.

He’s an undrafted free agent wide receiver who was simply fighting to try and earn a chance from the Broncos’ practice squad, yet suddenly he finds himself as a starting QB against one of the best teams in the league.

The QB room in Denver has taken a pounding for their actions that left Hinton in this position, but it really cannot be stated how much the deck was stacked against him.

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He hadn’t played QB for years, he didn’t have any time to practice, there’s suggestions that he hadn’t even met some of his teammates and he hadn’t even played in an NFL game before.

We see so many QB’s who are highly touted but still take years to understand how to read defences and develop timing at the top level, so there’s no doubt that Hinton was set up to fail here.

Yes he did have one of the worst QB performances in history and only completed one pass, but the Broncos are still right to demand respect for him when you consider everything he had to deal with:

He’s become a household name in one of the weirdest possible ways, but lets hope this isn’t where his NFL story ends. He will correctly revert to WR as he tries to crack the main roster, while his history now demands that the team throw a trick play in for him to throw if and when he does take to the field again.

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