It looked like everything was set for Houston to have a huge clear out and start again by building around their key players, but that already looks up in the air with reports over Deshaun Watson wanting out.

Some of the MVP talk about Watson last season was a bit churlish but he was outstanding in a god-awful team, while they aren’t exactly brilliantly placed to rebuild.

They have away the 3rd overall pick to Miami as part of the trade to bring in the good but not great LT Laremy Tunsil, while everyone knows about the infamous DeAndre Hopkins deal that didn’t exactly yield a treasure chest of picks either.

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The appointment of new GM Nick Caserio wasn’t a big surprise to many but it sounds like Watson was supposed to be consulted in the process, so the lack of that has led to the rumours that he wants out:

It’s easy to make jokes that this is the Texans so they’ll let him go for a 4th and a backup centre, but you have to hope they’ve learned from previous dreadful trades and would demand multiple 1sts and then some to let him go.

Perhaps there is some sense in trading him for loads of picks to help the re-build, but that’s all futile if you don’t have a QB who can win so it would be a total gamble.

Texans fans have to be hoping that this is just some bluster in the media and there’s nothing to it, but you still have to worry when you look at their previous record.

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