This game was hypes as Drew Brees vs Tom Brady for possibly the final time, but it does feel like Brees helped to lose this game more than Brady helped his team to win.

The second INT from Brees when the Saints had the ball down 23-20 was a killer after it allowed the Bucs to go 10 points up, but it was followed by the ultimate sucker-punch on the following drive that really did end the game as a contest.

There have been issues all season for the Saints where Brees just doesn’t have the strength to force the ball downfield anymore, so any defence that can go a solid job underneath is going to have a good time.

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The loss tonight is a disaster for the Saints who keep finding a way to come up short in the playoffs after a strong season record, but this time it was a case of beating themselves rather than the refs getting in the way.

Older QB’s will always face questions about their future once the season ends, and it genuinely looks like this was the last game of Brees’ career:

Time will tell if that’s true and of course we need to wait for the official announcement – There’s no chance he would want to go out like this, but he could start to ruin his legacy if he stays on for a season too long.

If he does retire than it’s the end of an undoubted hall of fame calibre career, and you have to hope he sticks around in some fashion in a TV role to bring some added insights to the games next year.

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