The Houston Texan’s Head Coach, Offensive Play Caller and General Manager all walked into a bar and were simply greeted with “Hi Mr O’Brien what can I get for you today?”

The fact that all three roles were taken by one man shows you how badly things were going for Houston, but it looks like the franchise finally started to realise that Bill O’Brien was the common denominator in their many issues.

No one is going to deny that Houston had a tough start to their schedule this year, but it’s the manner of the performances as well as going 0-4 that’s caused a lot of grief.

When you add some horrific trades (Hopkins) to the mix then O’Brien had little positive evidence to point to, so it can’t surprise anyone to hear that he’s been fired:

Telling someone that you’re moving in a new direction is a polite way of putting it, but something did need to change.

This change could also spark some nervy scenes in New York with Adam Gase, while it’s also a blow to the Miami Dolphins.

Miami hold the 1st and 2nd round picks from the Texans next year so you started to wonder if they might be in line for two high picks, but you fancy Houston will manage to turn things around after the change.

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