While Bill Belichick has been credited for being a friend of Trump in the past, it’s become clear that he wants nothing to do with him anymore.

New England Patriots coach Belichick has been widely credited as an ally of Trump during his rise to Presidency and that appears to be a legitimate claim, although only they will know how much input he really had into the now infamous congratulatory letter he supposedly sent to the President a few years ago.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom has become a major talking point in recent days after it was announced that Belichick would be a recipient of the award, but all it really did was put him in the most awkward position.

It’s described as an award which recognises “an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.”

Belichick’s contribution could only go down in the cultural category there, but it doesn’t make much sense to award it to him while he’s still an active coach, while it’s been handed out fairly easily in recent years so it might not mean as much as it once did.

The Patriots coach has always been known as an actual Patriot in more than one sense so this would’ve been a tough decision to make, but he’s taken the stance that he can’t accept the award after a recent announcement:

Critics are quick to jump on the line “The decision has been made” which makes it sound like it wasn’t his choice, but it’s also the way that he speaks in terms of making it about the team rather than him so that could be reading too much into it.

Obviously there has been some criticism from the same old social media accounts which hide behind fake names, numbers and pictures, so it’s nice to see that this move has attracted praise from fans of many different teams in the league:

These reactions are only the tip of the respectful iceberg that’s made an appearance today, so it looks like he’s done the right thing.

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