It’s always been known that the Pro Bowl was a bit of a shambles as it ends up being full of replacements because nobody actually wants to play in it.

That doesn’t mean that it’s not an honour to be nominated, but the farce was extended this year with the news that the game is going to be played via Madden instead.

It’s also up to the individual teams to put certain players up for the ballot, and J.C Jackson was somehow missed out from the Patriots nominees.

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The CB has been outstanding again this year with 6 INTs already, but it looks like the default base defence was uploaded so the only cornerbacks would’ve been Stephon Gilmore and then either Jonathan Jones or Jason McCourty.

It’s not a huge thing but it was a shame for Jackson, so it’s nice to see that the Pats have made a late change and put him up for nomination:

Jennings may now feel hard done by but he’s a rookie who’s trying to prove himself in the team at this point and wasn’t a serious candidate for votes, so it looks like the right decision has finally been made.

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