There was a lot of talk going into the post-season in terms of whether Jared Goff was really who the Rams wanted as their starting QB going forward – I think we’ve just found our answer.

It was well known that the Detroit Lions were looking to move on from Matt Stafford this off-season, but they’ve managed to bring in a new starting QB and multiple 1sts in an insane trade with the Rams:

It’s such an interesting one because the Rams already gave up a ton of draft picks to go up and take Goff in the first place, but perhaps they should be applauded for being decisive and not sitting on a player who may hold them back.

Stafford in LA could be boom or bust with his injury history but he’s a clear upgrade on Goff, while they also expect to be deep in the play offs every season so perhaps those 1sts aren’t worth as much as others.

We’ll also get the answer as to just how much Sean McVay improved Goff and made his decisions for him, so this is going to be utterly fascinating going into the new season.

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