While there may have been something interesting about seeing JJ and TJ Watt link up in Pittsburgh, it looks like it’s the Cardinals who have won the race to sign the legendary former Houston player.

In some ways this is probably the best result for the Texans as it gets him out of the AFC, while there had to be some concerns that he might sign for a contender in the division like the Colts.

Arizona may be a surprise landing spot as they didn’t look like being Super Bowl Contenders last season, but it does mean he’ll link up with DeAndre Hopkins in the desert:

One thing you always need if you want to be a contender is a serious pass rush provided by more than one player, so it could be something special if Chandler Jones stays and he and Watt are fit for a whole year.

The offence wasn’t perfect last year but Kyler Murray continues to get better and he’ll always keep you in a game, while he’ll have an off-season to work on his understanding with Hopkins too.

It’s a two year deal that will see him earn a decent amount of money too:

It’s not like he’s the final piece in a Championship winning team but signing JJ Watt will always give any team a boost, but there’s every reason to think they will be playoff contenders if everyone stays healthy.

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