There’s always something bittersweet about the Super Bowl when the realisation sets in that we have to wait a long long time for some meaningful football again.

It means there’s not much else we can do apart from look ahead to next season, and it’s interesting to see that the Chiefs have still been ranked as the early favourites despite the thumping they took last night:

These lists always appear to be a bit reactive as it becomes hard to see who could rise up ahead of the new season, but there’s so much time for things to change with the draft and free agency.

The value of depth in the O-Line was shown last night as Mahomes was sent scrambling for his life each and every time the ball was snapped, but his receivers didn’t do much to help him either, so there’s a good reason to think that air of invincibility could’ve been wiped out.

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The Rams look like an interesting proposition with a QB that offers a bit more to the offense, while Buffalo are a bold shout at number 2 when they looked miles away from being competitive in the AFC Championship game.

It’s very interesting to see that the Patriots appear to be written off early despite having a ton of cap space to work with, so it will be interesting to come back to these in a year and see how much changed.

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