It’s easy to forget that the Cowboys were lighting it up on offense to start this season thanks to the combination of Kellen Moore and Dak Prescott, while any team will struggle to win if their Franchise QB goes down for the season.

It’s currently interviewing season for various Head Coach openings and we’ve seen a few surprising links going around, but surely this would be one of the most remarkable yet?

We know that Jerry Jones likes to keep his guys around for as long as possible – usually to the detriment of the Cowboys – but you can only begin to wonder how how he would handle one of his highly rated coaches going on to lead the Eagles to success.

It’s also worth remembering that NFL franchises are not allowed to block assistants from moving for Head Coaching roles, but you can be sure that the Cowboys may be putting some pressure on Moore to give this one a miss.

It could be a tough choice for Moore to make because the Eagles are an absolute basket case of a franchise just now – Carson Wentz is paid like a star but doesn’t play like one, they don’t have any cap space and the roster needs a lot of help in various positions.

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There’s a chance that Mike McCarthy could get the boot after next season if he doesn’t improve, but Moore would also have to take some of the blame if that happens so could be fired alongside McCarthy if it goes really wrong so he does need to look after himself while his stock is high.

Perhaps Moore would back himself to get the best out of Wentz and it’s worth remembering that there aren’t many HC roles going around, but it’s still hard to see this happening.

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