The events today surrounding Dak Prescott show you exactly why some players are nervous about playing under the franchise tag.

Le’Veon Bell ended up finding his way out of Pittsburgh after repeated attempts to agree a long term deal went nowhere, but it’s not worked out well for him.

Injuries have taken their toll and Adam Gase’s reverse Midas touch has left him looking like a shadow of his former self,

There will be a lot of fans who wonder if he might be finished as a franchise type back, but lets not forget that numerous players have flourished after leaving the Gase set up.

There are calls for a trade after the Jets’ awful start to the season, but you don’t often see them coming from the player himself:

Clearly he would need to go somewhere that has a competent offensive line that also likes to run the ball so there will be suitors, but his salary could also be an issue.

It’s hard to see the Jets standing in his way if a decent offer comes in, so it’s worth keeping an eye on this over the next few weeks.

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