It’s always risky to rebuild your team in free agency as there’s a reason why these players are hitting the market rather than signing new deals, but this year could be more interesting.

Teams are having to make cuts left, right and centre thanks to the reduced salary cap and not every player is willing to take a pay-cut or a restructure either, so we have some quality players hitting the market.

There’s the added x-factor of teams still making cuts just now to get themselves under the cap so interesting names will be added to the mix as the days go on.

The last 24 hours have seen a scramble to stop star players from hitting the market with Aaron Jones taking the headlines for his extension in Green Bay, but other examples are still filtering through.

No deals can “officially” be done in the tampering period and it would be naïve to think that talks haven’t already taken place, but we should see signs of the first few major splashes today.

It officially opens at Noon EST, but there’s still plenty going on in the build up too:



The liveblog has ended.

  • Patriots add Bourne too

    That’s Bourne, Aghalor and Jonnu Smith added to the receiving corps today for the Pats

  • Gronk stays in Tampa

  • Patriots set to add two receivers

    There’s a lot of rumours about the Patriots landing Kendrick Bourne, but Nelson Aghalor also looks set to join Bill Belichick after a wild day of spending from the Pats:

  • Raiders to get some serious pass rush help

    The Raiders need some pass rush to help nullify the opposing QB’s in their division, so can they finally find a way to take Yannick Ngakoue back to his best form?

    It didn’t work for him with the Vikings or Baltimore last year, so this could be a proper boom or bust move

  • Big re-signing for Denver

    Shelby Harris was one of the better defensive tackles on the market, but he’s returning to Denver:

  • The Texans address a position of need

    The Texans need to reinforce their defensive line after JJ Watt’s departure, so and this is a good way to start:

  • Another O-lineman making huge money

  • The Browns have an offense capable of a Championship…. Now they look to build their defense

    The Browns had their troubles on defense last year and improvements were needed, so this is a huge pickup for them with a major improvement at safety:

  • Chiefs make a significant OL improvement

    Joe Thuney was expected to cash in this off-season, and he certainly has:

    Andy Reid’s men essentially lost the Super Bowl because they couldn’t even begin to offer any protection to Mahomes, so this is a major upgrade

    It looks like it’s appreciated by the QB too:

  • Jets make their move

    Great looking signing for the Jets here as they add Jarrad Davis


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