It’s always a nightmare for a team that loses their QB when they’re built to win now, but the Colts have done a good job of finding solutions over the past few years.

Phillip Rivers always looked like a short term option and he did lead them to the playoffs, but you would think they might need to reset a little and look to develop someone from the draft.

Simply moving for a veteran might not be an option for most Franchises, but the Colts do find themselves in an excellent position in terms of cap space so they are one of the few teams who can afford to make such a move.

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On the other hand the Falcons are millions over the cap and they do have the chance to pick Matt Ryan’s successor at number four in the draft, so this could make a lot of sense:

Ryan would get a move from a rebuilding team to a contender who have an O-line that can actually protect him a bit, while that move should also free them up to take Anthony Castonzo’s replacement with their first round pick this year.

Ryan does carry a cap hit of almost $40m next season and the Falcons would take a serious dead cap hit if they do move on from him, but they need picks to rebuild the team so it does make sense.

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They might even manage to get the Colts’ first rounder from them if they do take such a financial hit, so there are certainly reasons why this could make sense for both sides.

The Falcons will need to move on from Ryan eventually and he’s certainly good enough to take them to a winning record if they start to rebuild the team, so this could be the perfect chance to replace him with the number four overall and get a decent return for him too.

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