The Browns have been threatening to put up a fight for years now, but it looks like an approach of general competence could see them live up to their potential.

Who knew it was as easy as playing to your strengths and getting your players into positions where they can make a big contribution?

Baker Mayfield has a play-action game that allows him time to open up the field, OBJ and Landry are getting space to make plays, the run game keeps things moving and Myles Garrett can take over games on his own.

An impressive win over the Colts today showed they need to be taken seriously, but there were some concerns after Baker took a heavy hit towards the end of the game.

Clearly something is up and he needs some treatment, but there are two very different opinions on his current status:

He’s clearly banged up and might not be 100% for next weekend, but it would be a shock if he’s not playing.

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