At this point the entire world knows that Adam Gase is going to get fired by the Jets, but it’s just a matter of seeing when it actually happens.

The team is abysmal and obviously injuries have taken their toll, but everything can go one of two ways here.

The team can embrace the adversity and rally around each other to try and put up a proper fight, or they can implode and just offer nothing for the fans.

The Jets have taken the second route as it seems clear that Gase offers nothing to the players in terms of leadership and inspiration.

There were already some signs of unhappiness behind the scenes after Le’Veon Bell hinted that he would take a trade, and now there’s a second player who’s publicly expressing how unhappy he is:

It’s possible that the ownership think the season is lost so it’s already a case of planning ahead and hoping for a high draft pick, but you wouldn’t necessarily trust them to get that right either.

They really are representing the old cliche of a dumpster fire just now, and it’s hard to see any situation where things turn round here.

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