The issue with the Jets releasing Le’Veon Bell didn’t come down to losing a highly productive player – it was the fact that they somehow failed to get anything notable out of a top class runner.

The Jets do give the impression of a Madden challenge where you look to get rid of all your key assets to complete a rebuild, only the part where you build the team back up never comes.

Bell was just the latest in a long line of disasters from Adam Gase led teams and it’s not even a surprise at this point, but it looks like he might not be the last either.

The Jets have a long tradition of losing seasons which leaves them just outside the top picks in the draft, so they’re often left to take the best player available who will be a D-Lineman.

Even then it doesn’t usually work out, and the latest reports suggest that Quinnen Williams could be on his way:

That seems to loosely translate into “We’re looking to trade him but I want everyone to get in touch with your best offer” so at least they aren’t just taking the first trade that comes along.

Williams has had an up and down career with the Jets so far but that’s to be expected when you play with an absolute basket case of a franchise, so there’s a good player in there somewhere.

Barring a miracle they will have one of the top draft picks this year, but Sam Darnold is the epitome of a good player who’s just been given nothing to work with.

There’s nothing to guarantee that won’t happen again with someone like Trevor Lawrence who is widely touted as the best QB in the draft, and it looks like the Jet’s downward spiral is simply continuing.

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