It’s usually impressive to say that someone is the leading player on an NFL team, but being the best New York Jet is a bit like winning the most handsome man in the burns unit competition just now.

They don’t have a lot going for them and they aren’t really trying to hide their intentions to tank towards that number one pick, and CBS have confirmed that leading cornerback Pierre Desir has been released by the franchise too.

He wasn’t a world beater by any means but he did lead this defence with eight passes defended and three INTs, so this is a move that’s only going to weaken them.

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The problem is that you can’t even argue that this won’t benefit everyone involved. Desir has a chance to sign on with a competent team, while the Jets can continue to lose and give playing time to a younger project who could improve.

The biggest question surrounding the Jets will come down to the future of Adam Gase, because all of this could be for nothing if he’s kept on and continues to squash any excitement, competence or excitement from this franchise.


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