Every NFL fan knows that a solid draft can drag you from a losing season straight back into the playoffs, but it’s also a nervy time when you need to take a QB.

Every season we see the supposed tanking campaign for the next big thing – “Suck for luck”, “Scam for Sam” and “Tank for Tua” have all been banded about, but it’s definitely possible for another player to suddenly rise up to the number one pick.

Joe Burrow was different last season because he was the utterly unanimous number 1 selection, but it doesn’t mean that your franchise is doomed if they don’t take the first QB off the board.

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Deshaun Watson, Justin Herbert, Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen all had to wait for someone else to be taken before them – but you can be sure that none of those franchises regret their pick.

Trevor Lawrence is supposed to be the number one selection who will end up at the Jaguars next year following the draft, but his loss to Justin Fields’ Ohio State last night may have complicated matters slightly:

It’s also worth noting that he produced that performance despite suffering a rib injury that was bothering him all game, so it’s certainly complicated matters when it comes to the draft next year.

It’s dangerous to make the selection based on one game but you also have to look at how somebody plays on the biggest stage against the best teams, so there’s no doubt that this reflects wonderfully on Fields, especially when he’s lighting it up while injured.

Lawrence still has plenty going in his favour when you consider he’s put up three very strong seasons which proves his consistency over time and against multiple teams, while Fields has been restricted this year so that will make some scouts nervous.

It will also come down to individual scheme fits and which player the Jaguars feels will suit their system better – whoever is picked will go from playing on one of the best college teams to one of the worst NFL sides, so that leap cannot be underestimated.

The reality is that fans will be split on who they prefer in this draft and that provides plenty of intrigue, while it’s certainly fair to say that the number one pick isn’t a completely open and shut case this year either.

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