So much time and effort goes into the draft process and the futures of franchises and coaches’ jobs are dependent on it, but it can also quickly become a farce.

Losing teams have so much time to focus on their draft and the tape of potential picks but it’s easy to fall into the biggest scouting trap – trying to convince yourself that someone could be the next big thing.

It’s so easy to get tunnel vision and focus on the tiny positives rather than the giant red flags which are displayed in front of you, and the NFL combine is the greatest example – especially with QBs.

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Sure a player might be able to run faster, jump higher and bench more than everyone else, but what does that really mean when your season is on the line and he’s got multiple defenders trying to take his head off?

Tom Brady is the ultimate proof that the combine isn’t the be all and end all when it comes to analysing a player, so it’s fun to see that a recent report has branded him “the worst ever NFL QB” when it purely comes down to those measurables.

Obviously he’s the absolute opposite of that and he’s certainly one of the greatest QBs to ever suit up – if not THEE best QB of all time.

We fans all desperately look for signs of hope and you want to fall in love with the latest rookies who could turn your franchise around, but this is a stark reminder that no one should be anointed as the next great hope or written off until they get a chance to play.


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