There were only a handful of teams who had play-off hopes on the line going into week 17, so it was largely one final game which could set the tone for next year for the majority of the league.

You may even have found yourself in that curious situation where you hoped for a loss to bump your franchise up to a higher draft pick, but all of the selections have now been confirmed apart from the Eagles and the WFT/Giants which could still vary based on tonight’s result:

Credit to Tankathon for the image

Obviously there are some interesting picks in there and the Jets and the Jaguars look poised to take a franchise-changing QB with their high selection, but that’s been inevitable for weeks due to their complete ineptitude.

Houston’s trade dealings just continue to look worse with each passing week and they’ll be gutted to see that third pick go to Miami, but it does pose a very interesting question for the Dolphins.

We’ve seen that it’s now acceptable to take another QB just one year after taking the supposed star of the future, so do they stick with Tua or should this be seen as a chance to start again and take advantage of such a high pick?

The Bengals can also be happy with the progress of Joe Burrow this year so they look well placed for the future, so do they use that 5th pick to take a game-changer to boost them even further or do they trade back and fill multiple needs?

The Falcons may also see this as their chance to move on from Matt Ryan but they are another team with multiple holes, so it will also be interesting to see what they do.

There is so much intrigue surrounding the draft this year when you consider that many colleges suffered fractured and difficult seasons so it could make players harder to evaluate, so you do have to wonder if we might see more busts and late round gems than ever before.

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