• Baltimore secure deal for Derek Wolfe

  • Titans at a CB

    Tennessee have moved on from Malcolm Butler and Adoree’ Jackson in the past few days, so this slightly makes up for that:

  • Chicago Bears have their QB..

    The Bears have suffered with severely average QB for years now, so it felt like the fans were almost being teased with talk of a trade for someone like Deshaun Watson or Russell Wilson.

    Perhaps more moves will be on the way, but it’s hard to see this being anything other than another year of mediocrity after signing Mr Average himself:

    There are also reports that they went after Wilson, so this might make this even more painful:

  • Texans invest in a QB…

    Surely this is just a backup job for Tyrod, but it’s a decent looking contract for him:

  • Expect more cuts…

  • Some more solid names hitting the market

    The Titans are losing some big-name players just now, so have they got some moves planned?

  • Giants solve Leonard Williams impasse

    Leonard was given the franchise tag which was worth around $19m for one year, but he’s upped that average and secured a longer term deal to stay in New York:

    There are also some murmurs that Kenny Golliday has also agreed terms to become a Giant, so that could be huge if it’s confirmed.

  • Atlanta Falcons clear some cap for a big move or two

    Matt Ryan has restructured his deal so create a decent amount of cap space for the Falcons:

    There are rumours about the Falcons taking Ryan’s replacement with the number four overall pick in the draft, but that would be harsh after this.

  • Another centre hits the market

    It’s easy to forget that teams are still making cuts and big names will continue to hit the market, and it looks like the depth at centre in free agency just got a lot stronger:

  • The Bills tried to sign Gronk…

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