Can Russell Wilson really leave the Seakhawks?

There’s been plenty of talk about Wilson requesting a trade this off-season, and trading for him would surely end Chicago’s long-awaited search for the franchise QB who can take them to the next level.

The Guardian have reported that he thinks Seattle are holding him back, so would a move to Chicago really be the best thing for him?

It’s obviously going to take a few high draft picks and possibly even some players to provoke Pete Carroll into even considering this as an option, but the rumours won’t go away and it’s certainly a storyline to keep an eye on.

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  • Even punters aren’t safe from the restructures

    Every bit of free cap space will be vital this summer, so even the punters are having to restructure to make some room to help the team

  • Russell Wilson adds to the rumours

    Make of this what you will…

  • Texans restructure Cooks’ contract

    It’s still not clear who’s going to be throwing the ball to him next year, but the Texans have managed to reduce the hefty cap hit that Brandin Cooks was carrying into next season.

  • Kansas City Chiefs look set for major O-line overhaul

    The Chiefs largely lost the Super Bowl last season because the O-line couldn’t hold up in the Super Bowl, and not even Patrick Mahomes could do enough to make enough plays.

    They were hit with Eric Fisher missing the game but it appears that he isn’t being kept on, while Mitchell Swartz also appears to be on his way too:

    Kansas are finally being hit with Mahomes being paid like a superstar so there was always going to be less cap room, but they need to offer him adequate protection or their dominance from recent years may not carry on for much longer.

  • New Orleans Saints continue their cull with another high-profile cut

    The Saints are one of the teams who are struggling the most against the cap this year, so a flurry of cuts and restructures had to be done.


  • Rob Gronkowski will play in the NFL again next year

    Per Pro Football Talk, Gronk has every intention of playing again next season:

    “I will be back playing football, man. I love the game of football. I loved playing last year. I had a great time.”

    It’s interesting to note that he doesn’t make it clear if that will be in Tampa Bay or if something else is in the works, but he was a difference maker in the Super Bowl last year so it’s easy to see why a lot of teams would want to sign him.

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