There was a general acceptance that it was the right thing for Arsenal when Arsene Wenger was moved on a few years ago.

Since his departure there has been signs of progression from other sides in the league, while Arsenal have either regressed or stayed pretty still and they’ve now cemented themselves as a Europa League contender rather than a top four side.

Unai Emery had a tough time but his work at Villarreal shows that he’s not a bad manager, while Mikel Arteta swings between the sublime and the ridiculous so it’s difficult to gauge how well he’s done.

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The FA Cup win last season buys him a lot of credit and it would be similar if they win the Europa League, but this stat does suggest that he could come under pressure if they don’t have a bright start to next season:

Money has been spent on the squad but it looks like the club keep falling into the trap of giving huge contracts to average veteran players – the Mesut Ozil contract was a poor look, while big money is being spent on Willian and Aubameyang each week.

Neither of those players have much of a sell-on value and they aren’t making a huge difference on the pitch so that’s hurting the rebuilding efforts, and unless they win the Europa League this year there may not be European competition to boost their budget next season.

You can argue either way about what the state of the club would be if Wenger was still in charge, but the signs of regression are there for all to see.


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