You know that New England are not the type of team who will happily use excuses to justify a poor performance, but they have had some issues in recent weeks.

Positive Covid-19 tests and injuries have restricted them from practicing over the past month, so it makes sense that they would look a bit disjointed as they took to the field.

That would maybe explain the loss to Denver last week, but they were completely outplayed, outcoached and outworked by a very impressive looking San Francisco tonight.

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They were utterly impressive on defence with four interceptions, while they were also unlucky not to recover a couple of forced fumbles too.

The offence could simply do whatever they liked, and at one moment the cameras picked up Deebo Samuel laughing to himself as he simply strolled his way through the defence for yet another first down.

The Patriots are now 2-4 and they have absolutely nothing on offence just now, so you do wonder if they might end up having a losing season which is usually unthinkable.

USA Today reported that this was officially the worst ever home defeat for the Pats in the Bill Belichick era, so he’s now got a serious job in his hands to turn this around.

He usually managed to pluck a couple of trades from nowhere but they tend to compliment an already winning team, so it’s a much bigger ask for an unfancied player to come in and turn the ship around.

This could get much worse for the Patriots before it gets any better.

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