You always wonder where Jose Mourinho will go every time he fails at a club, but Spurs were the latest to buy into the hype in the hope that he could recover some of his old magic.

He has the same problem that any disciplinarian will encounter in that players will run all day and enjoy things if they’re getting results, but they will turn much more quickly once it starts to go wrong.

That’s happening now at Spurs with plenty of fans bemoaning Mourinho for sucking the joy out of the club, while results have also taken a dive and Champions League football looks very unlikely next season.

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There aren’t many top level managers available during the season so it doesn’t always make sense to make a change at this point, but a report from ESPN has indicated that Daniel Levy could sack Mourinho at the end of the season.

They also report that it could cost Spurs as much as £30m to sack him so it makes you wonder what madness took place when they actually agreed terms with him, but it also means it will be a last resort when you consider their financial issues just now.

The big fear has to be that he’ll return them to the mid table and it could take years to rise back up to the Champions League level again, so it will be a surprise if he’s not sacked in the summer.

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