There was a chance that Matt Patricia might manage to stumble his way towards an 8-8 season at some point with Detroit, but it never felt like he was capable of much more.

There have been calls for his firing on a consistent basis going back to the end of his first season, so it looks like the Thanksgiving thumping from Houston was the final straw.

The timing is a little strange although it could just be the case that those in charge wanted some time to mull it over, but it’s been confirmed that Patricia and GM Bob Quinn are out:

It can’t come as a surprise to Patricia when you consider they are 4-7 and the season is pretty much done, but this will also come down to a lack of confidence in the direction of the franchise.

Patricia has managed to gain a reputation as a defensive guru despite his Patriot defences not actually being that effective, while his plan to bring in multiple former players from the Pats hasn’t worked out either.

You also have to wonder if the owners looked at Matt Stafford who will be 33 when the season kicks off next year, so the Patricia led Lions were destined to waste his final great years.

There are some great players on both sides of the ball that can be built around in Detroit so this could be an attractive destination for somebody, but they really need to get the appointment right this time.

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Hindsight suggests that Jim Caldwell really wasn’t so bad after all, so this needs to be a decisive hire who has the ability to bring the best out of the current crop.

It’s hard to see Patricia getting another Head Coach position after this, but it will be interesting to see if Bill Belichick wants his former defensive coordinator back when there’s still a vacuum in Foxboro.

This should be an exciting time for Lions fans, but it’s all going to come down to replacement.

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