We’re only a few weeks into the season yet there’s been so many examples of games being moved and players being forced to miss games due to the Covid-19 protocol.

The current situation around the world suggests that infections will probably rise over the next few weeks, so we likely face a reality where fans won’t be getting back into games this season and there will be more disruption.

We’ve not reached a point where teams have been forced to forfeit games, but you do wonder how much longer the current trend can continue.

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It sounds like there’s a few extra weeks to play with, with a report from Pro Football Talk indicating that the NFL is prepared to move the Super Bowl back to March if needed.

That does mean the league could have at least four more weekends of rescheduling to make up for rearranged games, but that will also bring it’s own set of problems.

It’s not out of the question that one team could play a fairly uninterrupted schedule and make the playoffs, but other teams will need the extra weeks to fulfil fixtures.

That would leave the league in a situation where they need to either force a team to play after a break of weeks which will carry all sorts of injury risks, or we could see a truncated season with average records being used for final standings or even worse – some kind of formula to predict results and produce the final record.

Hopefully it doesn’t come to this, but it already looks like the World champs this year will have a big ol’ asterisk next to their name in the records.

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