Every team will reach that point where the time comes to blow up the roster and start again, so there should be some mixed feeling for Falcons fans going into the new season.

The current roster features a couple of genuine superstars and then a myriad of average players who fit perfectly in a team that’s just gone 4-12 in the season so the time has come to start again.

Dan Quinn was fired last season and the search is underway for the new GM and coach, so what do they have to work with?

Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are 35 and 31 respectively and their combined cap hit next year is expected to be over $60m, but they would also leave a big chunk of dead cap if they move on so it’s a tough situation to manage.

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A report on NFL.com has carried quotes from Arthur Blank where he’s openly suggested that they’ll trade Jones and Ryan if they get a good offer, so it really could be time for total change in Atlanta.

They’re unlikely to get big hauls for either in the trade market but they do have the number 4 pick to take the successor for Ryan, while Calvin Ridley has shown enough to be a number 1 receiver in the league… Obviously he’s not going to completely match Julio Jones, but who would?

Of course it could all be an effort to bring out early trade offers so they can see where they stand, so perhaps they might decide to stick with their big-name stars and trade down from the 4th spot to get multiple picks and hope to fill the holes in the roster.

That probably doesn’t make sense when they have a chance to take a game-changing superstar at number 4, so it’s going to be fun to see what direction they go in.


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