It’s clear to everyone that Barcelona have been run horrifically for years, but the Covid-19 shutdown and loss in revenue has left them in a dreadful situation.

They’ve wasted hundreds of millions on players like Griezmann, Dembele and Coutinho, while they also have a veteran squad that has little resale value.

They face a genuine situation in a few years where most of their stalwarts will be gone and there’s no money to replace them, so it’s not out of the question that a few barren years are on the way.

Marca have reported on the latest with the club’s efforts to impose a 25% pay cut on the players, and it looks like Gerard Pique has betrayed his teammates to get himself a nice long term deal.

It’s suggested that most of the players (Pique included) signed a letter to the board which stated they wouldn’t give in to their demands, so further negotiations or even a court case have been threatened.

Pique is on his last legs so there were even suggestions that he could leave in the transfer window last summer, but it’s been confirmed that he’s managed to leverage this situation to take a pay cut but land himself a new deal until 2024.

Clearly that’s not gone down well with the rest of the players at the club and there’s talk of some serious unrest in the dressing room, so it’s hard to see this having a happy ending.

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