It seems to be taken for granted that athletes will give up their own time and money to help others out, but it’s important to remember that they really don’t need to do it so perhaps a little bit of respect might be a good idea.

There’s a viral video of Cam Newton going around as he has to deal with an absolute prick of a child in one of his own training camps, and I think we can all agree that he’s left looking like an ungrateful moron after this:

It’s just needless and disrespectful and there may be some who think the kid is just trying to make a name for himself, the reality is that he’s just proven that he deserves no respect or time from anybody.

Alarm bells have to be ringing if the only “achievement” you have in life is a cheap attempt to windup someone who is 1000x times the man you will ever become, so hopefully someone has a word with this kid and sorts his attitude out.

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