Roman Abramovich has never been scared to sack a manager in the past – even if they’re doing well, so it might surprise a few fans to see that Frank Lampard is still in charge at the club.

It probably goes without saying that a loss to Morecambe in the FA Cup would be the final straw, but it’s hard to see the legendary midfielder getting more time if he keeps slipping up in the league.

Lampard actually thrived in his first season and he did well to bring some of the kids into the first team, but he was also operating under zero pressure and those young players would hang on his every word.

Since then he’s had a lot of money to throw at the team and it might be fair to suggest he doesn’t actually know what to do with the players that he currently has, which would explain the total lack of identity and plan on the pitch.

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It’s very true that sacking the manager is only ever half of the story, so it makes sense that big name managers like Thomas Tuchel have been linked with the job.

The German coach is highly regarded and he did good things with Dortmund and PSG, but he’s also faced criticism for being an awkward character and he does have the reputation as a manager who has an outstanding footballing mind but he also struggles to understand and manage people properly.

That’s reflected in a recent report from The Telegraph where it’s suggested that Tuchel was touted as an option for Chelsea back in 2017, but they were warned that he could be as difficult to work with as Jose Mourinho was.

It’s worth noting that he was tipped to replace Antonio Conte who also has a reputation for being demanding and tough to deal with, so it’s understandable that they didn’t want to go down that path again.

We often see that teams react well when they’re faced with a totally different managerial style so perhaps Tuchel might make more sense now to take over from Lampard, but there’s nothing about Tuchel’s time at PSG which suggests he’s changed so it might be worth going after someone like Max Allegri instead.

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